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Fuel Injection Equipment Services

Fuel Injection Equipment Testing and Repair

If you’re having a problem with any part of your diesel fuel system, drop it off or send it in to us. Our expert technicians have the training and technology to provide the area’s most comprehensive and authorized testing and warranty service, repair, or exchange including:

  • Fuel Injection Pump, Injector, and Turbo Repair and Exchange
  • Fuel Injection Pump Testing
    • Fuel delivery – From Cranking to Full Load RPM
    • Governor Cut Off RPM
    • Phase Timing
    • High and Low Idle
    • Torque Curves
    • Leak Testing
  • Fuel Injector Testing
    • Spray Pattern
    • Opening Pressure
    • Seat and Return Leakage
  • Turbocharger Balance Testing
  • Injection Line Fabrication and Injectors